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Multiple Sclerosis

RPM 236 - Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, disabling disease characterized by four disease course progressions.  Be able to monitor a patient in different forms of the disease by using remote patient monitoring devices.

· April 18, 2023

By the end of the badge course, trainees will be able to do the following: 

  1. Define Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 
  1. Explain briefly the pathophysiology of MS 
  1. List the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis 
  1. List the common drugs for MS and side effects 
  1. Assist with medication management 
  1. Provide education to patient and family members 
  1. Coordinate appointments and tests 
  1. Use RPM to help monitor the patient 
  1. Explain typical DMP settings for each progression of the disease 

Time Estimate: 3 hours

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