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Palliative Care

RPM 222 - Palliative care is specialized quality-of-life medical care for patients with a serious illness. Trainees will learn to assist the physician or nurse practitioner to alleviate symptoms and discomfort. Providing, emotional and practical support is a key part of the process. In this course, trainees will learn to use remote patient monitoring (RPM) to help monitor patients and promote comfort.

· April 18, 2023

Learning Objective: Students will be able to work with clients who have Palliative Care needs and use RPM for monitoring. At the end of the badge, students will be able to do the following:  

  1. Define Palliative Care  
  1. List common illnesses that require Palliative Care needs 
  1. Choose 4 main illnesses common to the elderly and describe palliative care needed 
  1. Monitor a Palliative Care Patient with RPM 
  1. Be able to educate a patient about their Palliative Care  
  1. Evaluate a health chart of a patient with Palliative Care needs  
  1. Be able to enter data into RPM for monitoring a patient with Palliative Care (with DPM)  
  1. Evaluate DMP data of a patient with Palliative Care (at critical junctions)  

Time Estimate: 3 hours

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