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Psychotic Disorder

RPM 240 - Learn about various psychotic disorders and be able to educate patients/families about the disorder.  Also, learn how to monitor patient with both physical vitals and for subjective data.  Use disease management program built into remote patient monitoring to monitor for critical risks associated with the illness.

· April 18, 2023
  1. Define psychotic disorders  
  1. Explain the basic diagnosis/symptoms of common psychotic disorders  
  1. Analyze the general progression of the illness in someone with a psychotic disorder 
  1. List and describe common medications for psychotic disorder 
  1. Monitor a patient with a psychotic disorder 
  1. Educate a patient about their psychotic disorder 
  1. Evaluate a health chart of a patient with a psychotic disorder  
  1. Be able to enter data into RPM for monitoring a patient with psychotic disorder (with DMP)  
  1. Evaluate DMP data of a patient with a psychotic disorder (at critical junctions)

Time Estimate: 3 hours

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