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CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Care Managing

RPM 200 - Remote patient monitoring services are covered by Medicare and other health payers, but there are rules and limitations that must be followed. Proper billing of the CPT codes and delivery of the services are key to ensuring that the services are covered. This course can help trainees understand the standards for code requirements and how to code properly for remote patient monitoring.

· March 23, 2023

Trainees will be able to analyze various CPT codes for RPM. At the end of the badge, trainees will be able to do the following: 

  1. Analyze the Role of a RPM Care Manager 
  1. Describe what CPT codes are and their purpose  
  1. Match RPM category with various CPT codes  
  1. Evaluate situations when CPT codes are met/not met  

Time Estimate: 3 hours

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 11 Topics
  • 11 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate