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Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

RPM 244 - Substance use disorder is a major public health problem.  Learn how to help assess and monitor the patient by collecting subjective as well as objective data.  RPM connected health coordinators will help maintain health, provide education, and support patient compliance with prescribed treatment plans. With the use of RPM devices, you will learn about the disease management program settings for substance use disorder and communicate with the health team.

· April 24, 2023
  1. Define substance use disorder 
  2. Explain the various types of substance use disorder 
  3. Categorize the various symptoms of substance use disorder 
  4. Keep track of the patient’s symptoms 
  5. Evaluate medications and treatments for substance use disorder 
  6. Provide education and resources to patients 
  7. Using RPM, monitor health vitals and document subjective data  
  8. Follow up and report Disease Management Program on RPM devices 

Time Estimate: 3 hours

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